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Miamis Forgotten Cubans - Race, Racialization, ...
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Alan A. Aja argues that post-1958 Afro-Cuban reception and adaptation experiences were vastly different than their predominantly white co-ethnics in South Florida, much due to processes of race-based social distancing operating within the Cuban-American community. Alan A. Aja is Associate Professor and Deputy Chair in the Department of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies at Brooklyn College, the City University of New York, USA. His individual and collaborative publications have appeared in a range of scholarly and public outlets, including Ethnic Studies Review , The American Prospect , The Washington Post , The Huffington Post , Dissent , Social Research , Latino/a Research Review , Souls: A Critical Journal of Black Politics , and Culture and Society and New Politics . His research focuses on intra-Latino racism, wealth inequality, educational inequities, economic democracy, and grassroots to policy-level responses to inter-group disparities. Prior to academia, Aja worked as a labor organizer in Texas.

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