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Schott Classics Meets Jazz Vol. 1 - Piano
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20 famous classical pieces, original version + jazzy arrangementInstrument : pianoType : edition with CDNombre de Pages : 90This volume contains a wide selection of famous musical themes from Bach to Carl Orff. Some of them were originally written for the piano; most have had their scores carefully arranged to make them easy to play on the piano. Each piece is followed with a jazz interpretation, which can either be played alone or alongside the ´original´ version.Perhaps this will show that the ´classics´ are not all that far removed from jazz, and that music of earlier periods contains many of the essential characteristics of jazz. Doesn´t Lully´s ´Gavotte´, for instance, contain one of the most famous jazz themes ever? The ´Blue Gavotte´ may make this clearer. The theme from Mozart´s Sonata in A major (K 331) doesn´t require many rhythmic changes to give it a blues flavour (´Mozart Goes Blues´). The driving rhythm of the ostinato bass in Carl Orff´s ´O Fortuna´ would suit modern jazz-rock performers well, with a few small changes (´A Fortune for a Tune´). What do Bizet´s ´Habanera´, Brahms´ ´Hungarian Dance No. 5´ and Paganini´s ´Caprice No. 24´ have in common? Why have they been turned into salsa music (´Habanera con Cigarro´, ´Hungarian Salsa No. 5´, ´Capriccio Latino´)? Much of this is up to the individual: if you want to discover similarities, they are easy to find.It is difficult to convey a jazz interpretation through musical notation alone, so a CD has been included - not to demonstrate the only possible interpretation, but to offer ideas and suggestions.Content : Gioacchino Rossini: The Barber of Seville, theme from the ouverture, The Barber’s Swing - Johann Sebastian Bach: Badinerie from Orchestral Suite No.2, Goodinery - Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata in D Minor BWV 565, Jazz Toccata - Jean-Baptiste Lully: Gavotte, Blue Gavotte - Joseph Haydn: Symphony No.94 “Surprise” theme from 2nd movement, Surprise Samba - Niccolo Paganini / Franz Liszt: Caprice No.24, Jazz Caprice - Georg Frederic Handel: Sarabande from Suite in D Minor HWV 437, Sarabanda Rock - Iosif Ivanovici: Danube Waves, Blue Danube Waves - Georges Bizet: Habanera from “Carmen”; Habanera con Cigarro - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sonata in A Major KV 331 theme from 1st movement, Mozart Goes Blues - Bedrich Smetana: Vltava, Moldau at Night - Giuseppe Verdi: Triumphal March from Aida, Aida Groove - Ludwig van Beethoven: The Rage Over the Lost Penny, Lost Penny Rag - Robert Schumann: Reverie, Dreamery - Vittorio Monti: Czardas, Jazz Czardas - Edvard Grieg: Solvejg’s Song, Solvejg’s Bossa - Edvard Grieg: In the Hall of the Mountain King from Peer Gynt, The Mountain Kings Mood - Claudio Monteverdi: Lamento d’Arianna; Ariana’s Dream - Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dance No.5, Hungarian Salsa No.5 - Carl Orff: O Fortuna from “Carmina Burana”; A Fortune For A Tune

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